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Greensquare: a Beacon of Wellbeing in Diegem

Greensquare is a transformative office space in Diegem, setting new standards for well-being and sustainability. Completed in a record two months, it boasts flexible, environmentally conscious design, seamlessly integrating the surrounding greenery.

Meraki is thrilled to announce the completion of a forward-looking project embodying the essence of wellbeing and sustainability. The recently unveiled Greensquare hub in Diegem is a remarkable achievement in office design, revitalising a formerly traditional structure and setting a new standard for work spaces in the Brussels area.

Working hand in hand with the visionary owner of Greensquare, Meraki imagined a dynamic and flexible open-plan design. Recognising the value of the greenery surrounding the building- a rarity in the bustling Brussels landscape- we set out to seamlessly integrate the natural environment into the office space. This commitment materialised through the strategic placement of plants and the incorporation of the colour green, creating an immersive and harmonious workspace, dedicated to contemporary wellbeing standards.

We completed the renovation in a record time of just two months, underscoring our unwavering commitment to providing innovative spaces that not only align with the needs of the modern world but also adhere to stringent deadlines.

Flexible spaces that fit all needs

A standout feature of Greenspace is its exceptional flexibility. Each floor has been meticulously fitted out to showcase its potential in terms of versatility, offering future tenants the freedom to mould the space according to their unique requirements. This flexibility opens up a myriad of possibilities for businesses, fostering an environment of creativity and well-being that ensures employees are happy to come and work.

The owner’s investment in Greensquare extends beyond aesthetics, as sustainability was one of his main preoccupations. The building boasts numerous organic spots that ensure a seamless connection with nature. Its design prioritises a continuous flow of fresh air, creating an environment that breathes throughout. Additionally, strategic use of natural lighting enhances the ambiance, creating a working environment that relies less on artificial light compared to conventional offices. This not only reduces energy consumption but also contributes to a pleasant and inviting atmosphere, making it an ideal setting for productive and comfortable work.

Connecting people and spaces

At Meraki we believe in creating spaces centred on agility, hybrid setups, space optimisation, energy flow, and activity-based working that align seamlessly with the unique characteristics of the building. . We designed Greensquare to embrace flexibility, interaction, and well-being, standing out as a beacon in the realm of modern workplaces and ushering in a new era for Diegem in terms of modern and inspiring offices.

Thanks to thoughtful design, we optimised the available space. Whether for a break, brainstorming session, collaborative teamwork, or moments of isolated concentration, our meticulously crafted spaces are intended to enhance the overall well-being of employees. The strategically placed kitchen serves as more than just a coffee spot; it’s a vibrant space for socialising and exchanging ideas. In addition, various meeting rooms, open collaborative spaces, and areas for focused work cater to diverse needs throughout the working day. For moments of relaxation, a billiard area provides employees with a space to unwind.

In short, Greensquare is a carefully designed environment meant to inspire employees, ensuring they are happy to come to the office and nurturing a dynamic and productive workspace.

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