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Meraki Unveils Dynamic New Brand Identity

Meraki is proud to introduce its new brand identity, reflecting a clear dedication to trust, innovation, and creativity. The unveiling marks a significant milestone as the company enters 2024 with a renewed commitment to shaping work environments that cater to diverse business needs and foster a positive impact on the way we work and conduct business.

A focus on innovation and client-centric design

Meraki’s new brand identity mirrors the company’s commitment to reliability, human-centred and state-of-the-art design. With a dedication to offering spaces tailored for present and future business requirements, Meraki aims to create vibrant environments that redefine the way people connect and businesses thrive.

Erika Vasquez, Co-founder of Meraki, shares her excitement about the big reveal: “We’re unwrapping more than just presents this holiday season. Meraki’s new brand identity is a testament to our commitment to pushing boundaries, fostering creativity, and, most importantly, catering to the unique needs of our clients.”

More than a visual overhaul

This transformative journey has been a well-guarded secret, reflecting Meraki’s meticulous care in every aspect of its brand evolution. More than a visual overhaul, the rebranding underscores Meraki’s dedication to innovation, a celebration of creativity, and, above all, a renewed focus on its clients.

“We are entering a fresh chapter in Meraki’s journey that aligns seamlessly with our company’s values and aspirations,” said Vasquez. “Excited about the possibilities ahead, we can’t wait to embark on this transformative journey with you.”

Five years of excellence in workplace solutions

Established in 2018, Meraki has grown exponentially, delighting customers who keep coming back for reliable and dynamic workplace solutions. Distinguishing itself by prioritising client wishes and needs, Meraki has become a trustworthy partner in the industry, ensuring quality service, strict adherence to deadlines, and transparent relationships.

“Our secret sauce lies in an unwavering commitment to the success stories of our clients,” emphasised Vasquez. “From the initial brainstorming session to the final delivery of the renovated space, we ensure commitment and quality in every step of the process.”

Designing spaces to enjoy beyond the ordinary

At Meraki, the approach is simple yet powerful: putting people at the centre of everything we do. Going beyond the ordinary, Meraki creates workspaces that transcend traditional boundaries, fostering community, embracing flexibility, rethinking spaces, and enhancing well-being.

In short, at Meraki, we design your space, your way. As the journey unfolds in 2024, Meraki is poised to bring a new and fresh breath of life into workspaces, transforming them into vibrant environments that reconnect people, energise work culture, and unlock value for businesses.


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