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1000 Brussels

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How we work

Helping you make the right impression. Why you exist.
What sets you apart.

We create every detail, turning your space into a visual, compelling narrative that speaks volumes about your brand and ethos. Your distinctive space identity to mirror your business.

How do we make it fit ?

We design for people, with people—because your workplace should be as unique as you are.

No one knows your business better than you, but we’ll be close. We take time to understand what you do and where you need to go, to create a distinctive space. A creative space that reflects your brand, a place where people thrive.

From the initial brainstorming session to completion, we ensure adherence to quality and deadlines in every step of the process, actively optimising your budget.

Our approach

Our approach is simple yet powerful. We define a sustainable long-term strategy centred around people and their experiences.

We apply the WELL Building standards to tailor our design.

We recognise that contemporary workspaces transcend the conventional notion of work. Our philosophy is to design versatile, multipurpose, and impactful environments where people want to be and work at.

We use the natural energy of each space, striking the right balance and the perfect synergy, naturally optimising the use of every single space.

We embrace your vision and brand identity while addressing your unique needs, resulting in spaces where identity, sense of belonging, corporate culture, and change converge. FLEXIBILITY INTERACTION TEAMWORK FOCUS CONCENTRATION ENGAGEMENT WELL-BEING SENSE OF BELONGING

Our services

We think

We design

We build

We assist

We think

In the initial “think” phase of a project, we engage in brainstorming sessions with the clients to understand their vision, wishes, identity, philosophy and ethos. After a thorough analysis of their business operations and a complete grasp of their requirements, we work with the client to define the project scope and space strategy. This involves determining the client’s needs, goals, how best to maximise the space, the budget and the overall vision for the project.

We also provide insights on sustainability issues, technologies, efficiency-boosting elements, eco-friendly practices, materials and timeframes. The project is ready to kick off.

We design

In the initial “think” phase of the project, we collaboratively define the blueprint and space strategy with our clients. This phase concludes with the creation of a fit-out, transitioning seamlessly into the subsequent “design” phase.

Here we choose optimal solutions for materials and colours ensuring the brand identity is effectively expressed and communicated. Our design concepts integrate essential tools such as experience, ergonomics, sustainability, lighting, acoustics, furniture solutions, and material innovation to breathe life into the space.

We build

In the third phase of the project, we bring your vision to life. With a consistent commitment to excellence, we assign a Single Point of Contact to oversee every project, ensuring impeccable results.

Collaborating with experts whom we trust implicitly, our team brings together technical expertise, meticulous planning, budget control, and quality assurance to deliver the perfect turnkey solution.

We assist

Identifying the most suitable spaces, locations, and services for our clients is a fundamental part of what we do at MERAKI. From conducting sector research, assisting in negotiating rental contracts, to investigating building needs during redevelopment, we’re here to help. We’re committed to assisting and advising our partners for long-term success through data-driven market insights.