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La Libre – Build Based on Human Values

Since 2018, Meraki has been designing exceptional workspaces that respect the intimate wishes of its customers. The result: personalized environments that connect people with each other, energize work culture and make people want to return to the office… Since 2021, the focus has also been on sustainability with WELL certification, a guarantee of well-being and health.

“Meraki”, a name not chosen at random to designate the construction company launched by Erika Vázquez and Bertrand Van de Putte. “It means doing something with soul, creativity or love, putting something of yourself into your work, “[acting] with Meraki”, they explain. Clearly, the company’s values are a far cry from those of some international groups where profitability is the watchword. “Our collaborations are based on trust, transparency, and humanity. Our secret formula is an unwavering commitment to our customers’ success. From the initial brainstorming session to the final delivery of the renovated space, we guarantee commitment and quality every step of the way. “

A new identity based on WELL standards and sustainable practices linked to ESG criteria

Meraki goes one step further with WELL standards, the world’s first construction standard based exclusively on human health and well-being.

Also, as Meraki strives to have a positive impact on society, much attention is focused on how environmental and social factors can affect the financial performance of companies. Erika Vázquez, co-founder of Meraki, shares her enthusiasm: “Meraki’s new brand identity demonstrates our commitment to pushing boundaries, fostering creativity and, most importantly, meeting the unique needs of our customers. “In practice, this means that when designing a building, the health, comfort and well-being of the occupants are central.

WELL certification is part of this scheme: it was born after the publication of medical research that evaluated the correlation between the buildings where people spend most of their time and the health of occupants. This led to the identification of 102 elements to be added to a building to optimize the well-being of those who live there. Among the most important of these are air (whose quality must be optimal), water (easily accessible and of good quality), food (a healthy and diversified food offer), light (abundant and natural), physical activity (by encouraging movement, whether via a gym or the promotion of soft mobility), comfort (soundproofing, temperature…), and spirit (aesthetics of spaces and natural environment). Generally speaking, spaces are more fluid and less corporate than before (with meeting rooms and open spaces, for example),” notes Bertrand Van de Putte, co-founder of Meraki. Since the advent of telecommuting, company managements have been trying to bring their employees back to the office, with the aim of creating a warmer, more home-like atmosphere. “To achieve this, Meraki’s approach is simple but powerful: put people at the center and create flexible workspaces that transcend traditional boundaries, foster community, and rethink spaces by enhancing well-being.

“Knowing how to adapt”

Meraki’s customers range from small businesses to major international groups. “We frequently work with repeat customers who trust us and know they can count on us whatever the circumstances. We don’t hesitate to step out of our comfort zone to meet their sometimes highly specific requirements. “At the same time, Meraki works in collaboration with the Confédération Construction, in a perpetual search for new materials and techniques.

Among its recent projects, Meraki has transformed the unused basement of the “Zuiderpoort” complex in Ghent. From a dark, unused basement, Meraki has turned it into a place for sharing and well-being, with a wellness and sports area, as well as the possibility of organizing one-off events (with access to convivial outdoor spaces during the summer). The design features cheerful colors, touches of greenery and warm materials such as wood. A great success!

Five years of excellence

Founded in 2018, Meraki has grown exponentially, much to the delight of its customers, who are constantly asking for reliable and dynamic workplace solutions. Distinguishing itself by prioritizing its customers’ wants and needs, Meraki has become a trusted partner in the industry, guaranteeing quality service, strict adherence to deadlines and transparent relationships.

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